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Vision & Mission

Institute of Life Sciences has a broad vision of carrying out high-quality multidisciplinary research in the area of life sciences. The goal is for the overall development and betterment of human health, longevity, agriculture, and the environment.

The stated mission of the institution is to work towards upliftment of the human society and generate skilled human resources for future India. These are achieved by undertaking cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and filaria, viral infections, cancer biology, allergy and auto-immune disorders, genetic disorders, and agricultural productivity.

ILS has core strength in four areas (a) Infectious Diseases, (b) Cancer Biology, (c) Genetic & Autoimmune Disorders, and (d) Plant and Microbial Biotechnology. ILS uses modern biology techniques to acquire insights at cellular and molecular levels in pathogen biology, immune-regulation and inflammation, cancer biology, and plant biotechnology. It also focuses on generating Human Resources by creating trained scientific personnel in the area of modern biosciences and biotechnology research.


  1. To conduct and promote basic and applied research in the frontier areas of Life Sciences.
  2. To foster interaction amongst Scientists of various disciplines and to encourage them to carry out research in areas that interface between physical and biological sciences.
  3. To carry out inter-disciplinary research in collaboration with other Research Institutions, various Science departments of Universities, Medical Colleges, and Agriculture Colleges.
  4. To provide expert advice to various agencies for the application of the new findings.
  5. To organize Symposia, Workshops, Conferences, and Summer Schools in frontier areas of Life Sciences for the advancement of knowledge.
  6. To collaborate with teaching Institutions for raising the level of teaching and research in Life Sciences.
  7. To provide advanced training to students leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.
  8. To conduct refresher programmes.
  9. To accept grants, scholarships, donations, subscriptions, and endowments and administer the same in fulfillment of the objectives of the Institute.
  10. To do all such other acts and take all such steps as may further all or any of the aforesaid objectives.