ILS Training Programme

Summer students and masters thesis projects:

Candidates interested to pursue summer projects (1-3 months) or masters projects (6 months -1 year) should contact individual scientists after going through their WebPages and writing a formal email to them showing their interest for working in the respective research laboratory.

Each student will be charged bench fees as per the following:

  1. 1-2 months training: INR 7,000/- per month.
  2. 3 months training: INR 20,000/- one time fees.
  3. Six months project: INR 35,000/- one time fees.
  4. One year project: INR 70,000/- one time fees.

If student opt for hostel accommodation, charges for hostel accommodation for the trainees will be levied at INR 100/- per day. Hostel accommodation would be provided depending upon the availability.

Specialised workshops/trainings:

ILS organizes regular workshops in different specialized fields to train the students, staff and scientists in different fields. The candidates can register for these workshops online to attend them. Following two workshops are annually organized by ILS.

  1. National Symposium and Workshop on Quantitative Proteomics
  2. National Workshop on Drug Design and Discovery