Infectious Disease Biology

The institute’s primary research focus is on Infectious Disease Biology. Research covers viruses, bacteria, fungi as well as metazoan parasites. Themes such as immunobiology, immunopathology, host immune response and pathogenesis are of interest along with several others.

The following scientists are engaged in research under this broad theme:

Dr. B. Ravindran

Immunobiology of metazoan parasites

Dr. D.V. Singh

Antibiotic Resistance, Boifilm and Bacterial Pathogenesis

Dr. S. Devadas

T cells and the immune response

Dr. N. Acharya

Genome instability and DNA polymerases

Dr. T.K. Beuria

Division in bacteria

Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay

Molecular virology

Dr. Vivek Rai

Vascular Immunology: Inflammation and Cancer

Dr. Sunil K. Raghav

Immuno-Genomics and Systems Biology

Dr. Sabarish V. Indran

Molecular Virology and Viral Pathogenesis

Dr. Santosh Chauhan

Cell biology and Infectious Diseases

Dr. Gulam Hussain Syed

Molecular Virology, Virus Host Interaction and Disease Pathogenisis

Dr. V. Arun Nagaraj

Plasmodium Biology, Developmental aspects of Transmission stages, Disease virulence and Molecular Parasitology