Ph.D. Programme

Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) located in the research hub of Bhubaneswar, is an autonomous Institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The Institute is involved in several cutting-edge research activities and is equipped with several high-end equipments that include electron microscope, confocal microscope, atomic force microscope, fluorescence activated cell analyzer/sorter, microarray system, mass spectrophotometer, etc as well as equipments that are needed for day-to-day research work. The Institute also has an animal house, green house, zebra fish facility and several animal/plant cell culture facilities.

ILS thrives because of its vibrant multi-cultural research scholars who are provided with a hostel facility in the campus along with the scholar’s canteen and a cafeteria.

Advertisement and criteria for the Ph.D. programme

We encourage motivated Indian citizens who have qualified M.Sc. (any branch of basic science)/M. Tech/M. Pharm/M.V.Sc./Biotechnology/Bioinformatics with minimum 60% marks (or equivalent grade point) to apply for our Ph.D. programme. Candidates that have qualified in CSIR/UGC-JRF or CSIR/UGC-lectureship or ICMR-JRF or DBT-category I/II or DST-INSPIRE or DBT-BINC or GATE will be given preference. ILS recruits students for its Ph.D. programme usually twice a year and the advertisement is floated online at ILS web page and in leading newspapers (all India edition) soon after the CSIR/UGC-JRF/NET result is announced in March and October. Fellowship is provided to all the selected candidates. To and fro bus/rail fare by the shortest route limited to second sleeper class are paid to all the candidates who get selected for the interview.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to visit ILS web page for detailed information regarding the research activities of the scientists.

Ph.D. Awarded (1997 – 2018): 80

YearAwardeePrincipal InvestigatorTitle of Thesis
2018Dr. Sabindra Kumar Samal
Dr. Rupesh DashA novel DDX3 inhibitor to treat oral squamous cell carcinoma
2018Dr. Ashoka chary
Dr. Tushar Kant BeuriaUnderstandiing the role of MinD ATPase and its interactions with other cell division proteins on MinCD oscillation in E. coli
2018Dr. Rashmi Ray
Dr. Vivek RaiAutotaxin--Lysophosphatidic acid regulation in cellular differntiation and immune system
2018Dr. Sujit Suklabaidya
Dr. Shantibhusan SenapatiIdentification of novel drugs against desmoplastic pancreatic tumor
2018Dr. Sumeet Jain
Dr. Shantibhusan SenapatiInvestigation of the role of bacterial infection in prostate cancer progession
2018Dr. Shantanu Majhi
Dr. Rupesh DashRestoring Cell death in chemoresistant oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCC)
2017Dr. Shyan Sarkar
Dr. Nrisingha DeyCharacterization of Transcriptional promoters from pararetroviruses and their interactions with transcription factor/s
2017Dr. S. SureshDr. Anshuman DixitModeling and structural studies of DNA Polymerases from pathogenic Yeast (Candida albicans): a coputational approach
2017Dr. Kunwar Digvijay Narayan
Dr. Subrata K DasCharacterization of SOX genes from novel thiosulfate oxidising bacteria isolated from hotspring sediments
2017Dr. Tilothama Bhotra
Dr. Durg Vijai SinghGenetic analysis of SXT-related element in Vibrio species isolated from coral samples
2017Dr. Abhishek Kumar
Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay
Functional Characterization of non-structural protein-2 (nsP2) of Chikungunya Virus with respect to infection
2017Dr. Sudhanshu Sekhar
Dr. Birendra Prasad ShawMolecular Characterization of Differntialgrain filling in Apical and Basal Spikelets of Rice Panicle
2017Dr. A.Thiruvaimozhi
Dr. Satish Devadas Immune response Modulation by T Cell Apoptosis
2017Dr. Sarbari Acharya
Dr. Sanjeeb K. Sahoo

Exploration of Various strategies for Leukemia Therapy by Drug Loaded Nanoparticles
2017Dr. Doureradjou Peroumal
Dr. Satish DevadasT Cell Apoptosis and immune response in Autoimmunity
2017Dr. Sefali AcharyaDr. Nrisingha DeyDesigning and testing efficient promoters for enhanced molecular pharming of life saving therapeutics in plants
2016Dr. Sasmita PandaDr. Durg Vijai SinghMolecular analysis of Staphylococcus haemolyticus strains isolated from ocular infections
2016Dr. Sachin Ashruba GharatDr. Birendra Prasad ShawIdentification and characterization of salt responsive miRNAs in Suaeda maritima, a mangrove plant
2016Dr. Prabla KumariDr. Subrata K DasIdentification of Novel Bacterial Species and Genotypic Characterization of Vibrios Isolated from Andaman Sea
2016Dr. Pijus Kant BarmanDr. B. RavindranDanger Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs) as potential adjuvants for candidate vaccine molecules for infectious pathogens
2016Dr. Priyambada ParhiDr. Sanjeeb K. SahooLipid based nanoparticles: A potential targeted drug delivery system for cancer therapy
2016Dr. Ratnadeep MukherjeeDr. B. RavindranA Study on the Pathogenesis of Endotoxemia and Sepsis
2016Dr.Sanjib ChaudharyDr. Sandip K. MishraRegulation of target gene/s of estrogen receptor/s and orphan estrogen receptor/s in breast cancer cells
2016Dr. Dipti Ranjan MishraDr. Sandip K. MishraStudy of Cytosolic Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Gene in Cancer
2016Dr. Abhalaxmi SinghDr. Sanjeeb K. SahooAn investigation on magnetic nanoparticles for stem cell based cancer theranostics
2016Dr. Saurabh PriyadarshiDr. PV RamchanderGenetic and Molecular Basis of Nonsyndromic Otosclerosis
2016Dr.Dharmendra K. BhargavaDr. Sandip K. MishraStudy of Crosstalk of Estrogen Receptor and Estrogen Receptor Related Receptor family members in Breast cancer
2016Dr. Debomita SenguptaDr. Sandip K. MishraStudy on Role of Downstream Target of Estrogen Related Receptor In Deregulated Estrogen Signaling in Breast Cancer
2016Dr. Indrani DasDr. Soma ChattopadhyayElucidating the cellular proteins involved in the Chikungunya virus replication in different host systems
2016Dr. Mallaredy VandanaDr. Sanjeeb K. SahooPolymer therapeutics for effective cancer treatment using combinational approach
2016Dr. Amit KumarDr. Tathagata ChoudhuriModulation of Host Immune system During Kaposi Sarcoma Herpes Virus (KSHV) Infection
2016Dr. Kamal DeepDr. Subrata K DasScreening, characterization and cloning of cellulase from a novel bacterium
2016Dr. Suchitra MohantyDr. Tathagata ChoudhuriStudy of Kaposi Sarcoma associated herpes virus
Induced Oncogenesis during latency
2016Dr. Saumya BandyopadhyayDr. Subrata K DasTo study the arsenate resistance genotype of Pannonibacter indicus strain HT23T(DSM 23407T) isolated from hot spring
2015Dr. Manasi Das
Dr. Sanjeeb K. Sahoo Dual Drug loaded Immunotheranostics: A Paradigm for imaging and targeted delivery for cancer therapy
2015Dr. Bhubaneswar Pradhan
Dr. Nrisingha DeyIsolation and characterization of microRNA in plants under different biotic stress conditions
2015Dr. S. Agatheeswaran
Dr. Soumen ChakrabortyIdentification of miRNA-mRNA networks present in chronic myeloid leukemia CD34+ stem cells
2015Dr. Ranjita Misra
Dr. Sanjeeb K. Sahoo
Nanoparticle Mediated targeted delivery of Doxorubicin for Cancer Therapy
2015Dr. Kasturi Bala NayakDr. Soumen ChakrabortyPKC Mediated EVI1 Phosphorylation Biochemical and Biological Significance in Promoting EVI1 Mediated Gene Regulation
2015Dr. Madhumita PandaDr. B. RavindranImmunoregulation in human and experimental filariasis and malaria
2015Dr. Sunita PatroDr. Nrisingha DeyStrength and tissue specificity of chimeric promoters derived from full-length and sub-genomic transcript promoters from different pararetroviruses and their uses in translational research
2015Dr. Vineeta RaiDr. Nrisingha DeyStudies on Characterization of Genes (ESTs) Associated with Bamboo Development
2014Dr. Sneha SinghDr. Soumen ChakrabortyEVI1 Sumoylation: site identification & functional characterization
2014Dr. Sushil K. SahuDr. Tathagata ChoudhuriEpstein Barr Virus nuclear antigen 3c and its role to counteract the host induced apoptosis in the cell during latency
2014Dr. Panchanand MishraDr. Surendra Ch. Sabat Molecular and biochemical characterization of a recombinantly expressed Cu-Zn Superoxide dismutase from Ipomoea Carnea
2014Dr. Rajiv RanjanDr. Nrisingha DeyStudies on some plant ppararetro virus promoters for developing hybrid synthetic promoters with enhanced activities
2014Dr. Anjan K. PradhanDr. Soumen ChakrabortyBiochemical & biological role of acetylation on the proto-oncogene EVI1
2014Dr. Aditya K. PandaDr. B. RavindranPolymorphism of human genes in Filariasis and Malaria
2013Dr. Deepak KumarDr. Nrisingha DeyPararetrovirus based Hybrid Promoters for Enhanced Expression of Transgene
2013Dr. Mamata RayDr. Surendra Ch. SabatMolecular & Biochemical Characterization & Expression Analysis of a Gene Encoding Catalase in Oriza Sativa
2012Dr. Pranati SarDr. Sandip K. MishraRegulation of Senescence Marker Protein - 30 (SMP 30) Gene
2012Dr. Santosh K. PandaDr. B. RavindranStudy on Innate & Adaptive Immunity in Experimental & Human Filariasis
2012Dr. Suphiya ParveenDr. Sanjeeb K. SahooChitosan Nanoparticles as potential drug delivery system for Cancer Therapy
2011Dr. MHU Turabe FazilDr. Durg Vijai SinghStudies on virulence associated properties of V. cholerae O139 harboring pre-CTXÖ and CTXÖ prophages
2011Dr. Alok Das MohapatraDr. B. RavindranA study on apoptosis in Filariasis
2010Dr. Prasenjit MondalDr. Surendra Ch. SabatCharacterization of Catalase Gene and Catalase gene Product in Rice
2010Dr. Priyanka KarDr. Sandip K. MishraOver Expression of STAT 5A in Tobacco Mediated Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
2010Dr. Binod Bihari SahuDr. Birendra Prasad ShawBiochemical & Molecular Characterization of H+ ATPase in Plants differing in Salt-Tolerance
2010Dr. Chinmay K. MantriDr. Durg Vijai SinghStudies on lysogenic CTX Ф of Vibrio cholerae
2010Dr. Saswat S. MohapatraDr. Durg Vijai SinghHeterogeneity among Vibrio cholerae O1 environmental strains in relation to SXT ICEs and CTX element
2009Dr. Guru Ch. NayakDr. Surendra Ch. SabatChanges in antioxidants system in germinating and callus-forming rice seeds
2009Dr. Gopal Krishna SahuDr. Surendra Ch. SabatStudies on some Physiological processes in Wheat (Tritium aestivum Var: Sonalika) Effect of Salicylic Acid
2009Dr. Bandita RathDr. Sandip K. MishraCharacterisation of Senescence Marker Protein - 30 (SMP 30) Gene
2009Dr. Amitav MohantyDr. Durg Vijai SinghStudies on the risk factors for persistence of malaria through molecular analysis of the parasite and the vector
2009Dr. Priya Ranjan DebataDr. P.C. SupakarMolecular Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Aging
2008Dr. Rajani Kanta MishraDr. Birendra Prasad ShawHydro-Biological Studies in Coastal Waters Off Orissa Coast with emphasis on Phytoplankton Productivity
2008Dr. Ardhendu DashDr. Surendra Ch. SabatCatalase Activity in Germinating Rice Embryo
2008Dr. Bikash Ranjan SahuDr. B. RavindranRole of Antibodies in Protective Immunity in Human & Experimental Filariasis
2007Dr. Sujata Rani MishraDr. Surendra Ch. SabatStudies on thylakoid photofunction of a submerged aquatic angiosperm, Hydrilla verticillata. 
2007Dr. Harekrushna PandaDr. Prakash C. SupakarIdentification, Cloning & Characterization of Age-associated Genes
2006Dr. Ghazala ZaidiDr. Prakash C. SupakarMolecular analysis of Age-dependant alterations in the activity of transcription factor NFkB & Androgen receptor
2005Dr. Raj Kishore MishraDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasInvolvement & Identification of Potent Cell Cycle Regulators in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC)
2005Dr. Dipak K. RajDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasMolecular analysis of an asexual stage specific antigen MSA - 1 & a sexual stage specific antigent Pfs-25 in Plasmodium falciparum
2004Dr. Jatin NagpalDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasIdentification of Molecular Markers involved in Pathogenesis of Oral Cancer
2004Dr . Gitaram SahooDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasMolecular Markers of Acute Leukaemia With Special reference to P53
2003Dr. Srinivas PatnaikDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasStatus of TP53 & Poly (ADP-Ribose) & Polymerase Genes in Oral Cancers
2003Dr. Tithi ParijaDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasAnticarcinogenic Activity of D-Limonene in Chemically Induced Tumourigenesis: Role of P53 Tumour Supressor Gene
1999Dr. Bijay K. NayakDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasStructure & Expression of the P53/R b tumour supressor gene in mice hepatocarcinoma
1997Dr. Ranjeet K. GiriDr. Bibhu Ranjan DasExpression of Oncogenes during Chemical Carcinogenesis in Mil


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