Translational Research

ILS has recruited trained scientists to develop technology platforms in the areas of drug discovery, clinical proteomics, gene therapy, nanotechnology, computational biology, structural biology, medical genetics and tumor biology. These groups are working on cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, collaborative research projects and making efforts to lift basic research to the next level wherein findings are being put to use for practical applications that improve human health and well-being. The institute is thus contributing to the broader theme ‘from bench to bedside’. The collaborative projects with hospitals and medical institutions give an upper hand for ILS in its effort to stay focused on translational research.

Dr. B.P. Shaw

Proteomics and molecular biology of abiotic stress response and tolerance

Dr. S.K. Sahoo

Nanotechnology (Cancer drug delivery)

Dr. A. Dixit

Drug design and discovery, Bioinformatics

Dr. P.V. Ramchander

Human/Medical Genetics

Dr. R. Dash

Gene therapy for cancer

Dr. S. Senapati

Tumor Microenvironment and Animal Models

Dr. D. Vasudevan

Macromolecular Crystallography, Biochemistry and Biophysics

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