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Dr. Sunil K. Raghav


Degree University/Institution
Masters in ScienceCCS University, Meerut, UP
Ph.D. BiotechnologyIGIB Delhi

Work Experience

Position University/Organisation Period
Scientist FILS, BhubaneswarJanuary 2022 - till date
Scientist EILS, BhubaneswarJanuary 2018 – December 2021
Scientist D & Ramalingaswami FellowILS, BhubaneswarDec 2013 – Dec 2017
ScientistLaboratory of Systems Biology & Genetics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, SwitzerlandApril 2009-December 2013
Postdoctoral fellowMolecular Immunology Group, Turku Centre for Biotechnology (BTK), FinlandJanuary 2007-March 2009
Senior BotanistBakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Parwanoo, HP, IndiaSeptember 2001-April 2002
Research OfficerApril 2000-August 2001Sage Herbals Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad, UP, India

Awards & Recognition



Immuno-Genomics and Systems Biology

Dendritic cells (DCs) are specialized antigen-presenting cells that upon encounter with pathogens translate that information to naive T cells in nearby secondary lymph nodes to educate them into pathogen-specific T cell subtype such as Th1, Th2, Th17 or Tregs to induce appropriate T & B cell mediated adaptive response. The T cell-mediated adaptive responses are highly specific and optimal to clear the bug or even to kill the tumor cells. There is very little information about how DCs interpret and integrate the multiple pathogen signals to which they are exposed, to induce a signal specific transcriptional program to ensure appropriate and optimal education of the responding T cells is largely unexplored. This decision is decisive, because it determines the balance between recovery and chronic disease or death.

Therefore, the overall aim of IMGSB group is to employ integrative systems level approach to decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying (i) Transcriptional control of immune response generation in DCs, (ii) Engineer DCs to immune-modulate DC immune responses to fine-tune T cell speciation/differentiation, and (iii) Extrapolate the potential of engineered DCs for immune-therapeutic approaches.


Immuno-Genomics and Systems Biology
Publications in peer-reviewed Journals / patents:

List of publications:

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  2. Patents Filed / granted:

    1. Method for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Hasi Das, Bhawna Gupta, Sunil Kumar Raghav, Kalyan Goswami, Charu Agrawal and Rakha Hari Das. IPC8 Class: AG01N3353FI, US Patent 7,763,436.
    2. Novel anti-inflammatory compound 3-(1,1-dimethyl-allyl)-6-hydroxy-chromen-2-one isolated from Ruta graveolens L. Hasi Das, Sunil Kumar Raghav, Bhawna Gupta. IPC8 Class: AA61K31352FI, US Patent App. 11/935,985.
    3. Novel diagnostic marker, a diagnostic kit and a method for diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Hasi Das, Bhawna Gupta, Sunil Kumar Raghav, Kalyan Goswami, Charu Agrawal and Rakha Hari Das. US Patent App. 11/281,243.



Sreeparna Podder, Project JRF

Project: Role of NCoR1 in DC differentiation

Subhasis Prusty, JRF

Project: NCoR1 mediated metabolic control of Mtb pathogenesis

Sudeshna Dutta, ICMR SRF

Project: Tribal population genetics, Single cell genomics

Aishwarya Sen, SRF

Project: Role of non-coding RNA in dendritic cell function

Chayan Mukhejee, DBT JRF

Project: Single cell approach to dilineate Cross talk of TLR mediated signaling in Dendritic cells

Mamuni Swain, Technician

Lab Alumni:

Dr. Abdul Ahad, Alumni (Currently postdoc at NCI-NIH)
Dr. Shuchi Smita, Alumni (Currently Senior Investigator in Syngene, Bristol Myiers, Bangalore)
Safal Walia, Data analyst (Graduate student at Munich, Germany)
Dr. Atimukta Jha, (Currently Postdoc at Cornell University, USA)

Dr. Arup Ghosh, (Currently Project Scientist-C at NIRTH, Jabalpur)

Dr. Gyan Prakash Mishra (Currently postdoc in USA)

Viplov K. Biswas, (Currently Postdoc in USA)

Dr. Kaushik Sen, (Just completed her PhD, looking for suitable postdoc position)

Sudershana Jena, (Former technician in Lab)

Open positions in group:

IMGSB group is always looking for research passionate Masters dissertation students (6 months to one year project), with a strong interest in the field of immunology, Genomics and Systems Biology. Prior exposure in common laboratory techniques such as cell culture, western blotting.

The group has always an open position for computational biology students (Masters students, PhD students and postdocs) with good programming skills especially using R, Perl / Python, and Linux for NGS data analysis.

If you are really interested to live research in reality, write to Dr. Sunil K. Raghav at, with a small summary describing your research interests along with a detailed CV.



Completed grants:

  1. DBT Ramalingaswami fellowship: 2013-2018
  2. DST SNSF Indo-Swiss grant: 2015-2018
  3. SERB: Integrative genomics to identify the role of zinc finger transcription factors ZEB1 and ZEB2 in dendritic cells and impact on T helper cell differentiation, (2016-2019)
  4. DBT: Identify the role of coregulators in dendritic cell responses and its impact on T helper cell differentiation, (2017-2020)
  5. SERB: ZBTB10: a potential trigger for dendritic cell immune responses, (2020-2023)

Ongoing extra-mural grants:

DBT:  INSACOG consortium (Since January 2022)

DBT: GenomeIndia Initiative: cataloguing the genetic variation in Indians. (Since January 2020)

DBT:  ILS flagship programme on multiomics studies to uplift Odisha tribal health and nutrition (Since 2019)


sunilraghav@ils.res.inlab-3 , Immuno-Genomics and Systems Biology Group, Institute of Life Sciences, Nalco Square, Bhubaneswar-751023, India +91 674 2304310 (Office)


  • Best wished and congratulations to Gyan, Atimukta, Kaushik and Arup for completeing their PhD degree with remarkable publications in the field.
  • Congratulations to Kaushik for the amazing DC metabolism work recently published in Redox Biology journal.
  • Congratulations to Atimukta and team for manuscript accepted in Frontiers in Immunology.
  • Warm welcome to Mr. Chayan Mukherjee for joining IMGSB group as a graduate student.
  • Congratulations to Gyan and team for comparative epigenomics paper accepted in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences.
  • Congratulations to the IMGSB team for working so efficiently on different COVID related projects and publishing the important scientific findings in hard times.
  • Congratulations to Abdul and Shuchi for defending their thesis and being the flag bearers of the lab in finishing PhD line. Also congrats to them as they have the postdoc positions in hand just after finishing their PhD.
  • Welcome to new IMGSB members Sudeshna Dutta and Safal Walia as data analyst to work on Genome India project.
  • Welcome to new Ph.D. students Ms. Aishwarya Sen and  Mr. Subhasis Prusty to the IMGSB group.
  • Congratulations to Shuchi who recently got a travel grant to attend Keystone conference in Cape-town Africa from 08th-12th December 2019.
  • Congratulations to Gyan in the lab who recently got a travel grant to attend the EMBL conference in Australia from 24th-28th November 2019.
  • Congratulations to Abdul and colleagues in IMGSB group who has recently identified that NCoR1 is a master regulator of dendritic cell immunogenic function and the study is published in iScience, 2019.
  • Congratulations to Shuchi and colleagues in IMGSB group who has recently identified that Zeb1 depletion can induce strong Th2 responses and can help in clearing helminth infection and the study is published in Frontiers of Immunology, 2018.
  • We warmly welcome Prof Hans Acha-Orbea from UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland for Sabbatical work in our laboratory at ILS for six months from December 2016 to July 2017.
  • Prof. Hans Acha-Orbea and his lab members from UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland visited our lab in march 2016 in the purview of DST-SNSF Indo-Swiss project.
  • Dr. Sebastian M. Waszak, Senior Postdoc at EMBL, Heidelberg visited our group from 5th-08th Dec, 2015. He gave a guest lecture at ILS. The group had close discussion with him on several projects and for future collaborations.



IMGSB lab is always looking for research passionate students who are interested in deep understanding of the immune response development.

If you have that interest drop an email to with a statement of interest and your CV in a single PDF. Lab is ready to sponsor the applications for the DBT Research associate and Women scientist positions if interested.