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Dr. Mamoni Dash


Degree University/Institution
Ph.D.School of Biomolecular Sciences, University Pisa, Italy
M.Sc. (Chemistry)National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

Work Experience

Position University/Organisation Period
Ramalingaswami FellowInstitute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India
Young Scientist- Start-up Research Grant (DST-SERB)National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar
Postdoctoral Research AssociateGhent University, Belgium
Postdoctoral FellowPolymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group, Ghent University, Belgium
Postdoctoral FellowBIOLab, University Pisa, Italy

Awards & Recognition

  • Featured as the 75 scientists shaping Indian future, compendium released by DST.
  • Ramalingaswami Fellowship, 2017
  • Young Scientist Research Grant by DST-SERB in 2015
  •  Biomolecular Sciences annual presentation Award at University of Pisa, 2009.
  •  Marie Curie INVENTSCIENCE Meeting Best Presentation Award in Portugal, 2009
  • Winner of Biomaterial fellowship from the University of Pisa in 2007



Research Area

The research team is working on chemistries and techniques to develop biomimetic systems that find application as biomaterials. The research in the group revolves around developing biomaterials from both biological as well as synthetic sources. The synthetic systems mostly deal with polymers and their chemistry while the biological systems are focused on extracellular vesicles.  The expected outcome is to develop biomaterial constructs integrated with tailored functionalization strategies for various biotechnology related applications. The broad areas in which research in the group is ongoing are:

Designing of protein based biomaterials

The focus is on design, fabrication and characterization of novel proteins as suitable  biomaterials. Appropriate chemistries are performed on these proteins to enable processing and subsequently investigating their interaction with biological entities, both in terms of their fundamental aspects and with specific applications for tissue engineering

Targeting  therapeutics to bone via biomaterials

Bone related diseases are becoming a major public health problem worldwide and continuous effort in developing therapeutic routes are being investigated to combat these diseases.   Delivering drugs specifically to bone tissue is very challenging owing to its structure, which is one of the most complex hierarchical micro and nano-structure in the human body. This complex architecture and structure of bone tissue requires proper selection of drug carriers that can target specific diseased parts of the bone. A part of the research work in the team is deals with (1) identifying, understanding bone targeting moieties (2) development of controlled drug delivery systems  and (3) understanding drug interactions and overall optimization of the  carrier in order to develop bone targeted synergistic drug delivery systems.

Interface tissue engineering

Interface tissue engineering aims to regenerate functional tissues in order to repair or to regenerate diseased or damaged zones between different tissue types. The interfacial tissue reconstruction between soft and hard tissues is a challenge.  Conventional scaffolds made up of monophasic biomaterials often do not serve the purpose in regenerating complex structures, instead biomimetic scaffolds with graded properties might provide a solution. The research focuses on designing strategies that can better mimic this transition with gradient-based designs that  include biomaterials with gradients in material composition, mechanical properties as well as release signals.



After joining DBT-ILS


  1. Dash, S. Samal, D. Barik, A 3D-EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX SCAFFOLD AND METHOD OF PREPARATION THEREOF, Indian Patent Application Number- 202331001486.
  2. Dash, D. Barik, A THERMORESPONSIVE HYDROGEL AND A METHOD OF PREPARATION THEREOF, Indian Patent Application Number- 202331020916.


  1. Biomimetic Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration and Drug Delivery, M. Dash, Ed. (Springer Singapore, 2021).

Journal Publications

  1. G.P Panda, D. Barik, M.Dash*, Understanding matrix stiffness in vinyl polymer hydrogels: Implications in bone tissue engineering, Ahead of print in ACS Omega.
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  3. Dash, S.Samal, G. Panda, A.M Piras, M.Dash*, Polymeric nanoformulation of zoledronic acid rescues osteoblasts from the harmful effect of its native form: An in-vitro investigation of cytotoxic potential on osteoblasts and osteosarcoma cells, Macromolecular Bioscience, 2023, 11,2300211
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Book Chapters

  1. Barik, K. Kundu, M.Dash, Biomimetic biometarials in the tissue engineering perspective, M.Dash (Ed.), Springer Nature, ISBN: 978-981-16-4565-5 (2021).DOI:
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Before joining DBT-ILS

Journal Publications:

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Research Scholars:

Sasmita Samal, SRF

Pratigyan Dash, SRF

Kananbala Patra, SRF

Gyanendra Prasad Panda, Project Fellow

Kapilash Das, Technician


Dr. Mousumi Sahu, Research Associate

Dr Pruthviraj Bejugam, Research Associate

Project Interns:

Ms Khirabdhi Tanaya Mohanty
Ms Sneha Kumari
Ms Uma PI
Mr Ankit Sharma
Ms Saloni Tripathy
Mr Subham Preetam
Mr Koustav Kundu
Mr Swastik Sanket
Mr Vishwa R
Ms Swagatika Barik
Bijayalaxmi Sethi
Mahakash Sharma
Vishal Natu
Pooja B
Sushree Sharmistha Debjani Sahoo
Subhashree Nahak
Swapnali Behera
Jyotirmayee Sahoo



  1. Sanctioned Title of project Funding Agency
    1 Exosome encapsulated protein hydrogels targeting Osteoclast activity in Osteoporosis DBT
    2 A polymer based solution to pest control in rice BIRAC

    2. Completed Title of project Funding Agency
    1 Bioactive protein with gradient structures for bone tissue engineering DBT


mamoni.dash@ils.res.inInstitute of Life Sciences, Nalco Square, Bhubaneswar-751023, India0091 674 2300728+91 674 230 4333/360




The lab is open for hiring scholars:

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I will be happy to assist in writing and submitting  postdoctoral grant proposals to the candidates who have completed their Ph.D. or at later stages of  Ph.D. completion to any of the listed funding sources:

  1. SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship ( N-PDF)
  2. DBT Research Associateship

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