Extra Mural Projects

The following extra-mural projects are under progress (ongoing) at the Institute of Life Sciences

Name of the ProjectFunding
Name of Principal
Total Cost
Partnership Programme on Sustainable Bio resources Management DBT-IBSDDr. Ajay Parida8280000.00
International Associated Laboratory in the area of Systems Immunology and Genetics of Infectious Diseases (LIA-SIGID)DBTDr. B. Ravindran3400000.00
Reprogramming deleterious inflammatory Monocytes in Human SepsisDBTDr. B. Ravindran5659600.00
Study to translate CHTX and/or its derivatives for therapeutic intervention in SepsisDBT - BIRACDr. B. Ravimdran2290000.00
Study of spatio-temporal variation in expression of cell cycle regulators in spikelets of rice cultivars contrast for panicle compactness and grain fillingSERBDr. B. P. Shaw3588517.00
Immuno-Pathogenesis of ocular tuberculosisDBTDr. S. Devadas2800000.00
Understanding role of DNA polymerase eta dependent trans-lesion DNA synthesis in pathogenicity of Candida albicansDBTDr. N. Acharya7378000.00
Deciphering the role of DNA polymerase delta dependent mutagenesis induced morphogenesis, multidrug resistance and pathogenicity of a pathogen C albicansSERBDr. N. Acharya6272000.00
Molecular Characterization of biofilm produced by coral associated bacteria isolated from Andaman SeaDBTDr. S. K. Das3566100.00
Distributed Information Sub Centre (DISC)DBTDr. S. K. DasCont...
Studies on interactions of plant transcription factors in promoters from plant infecting pararetrovirusesDBTDr. N. Dey4687200.00
Implication of bacteria derived human defensin in burn injury and wound healingSERBDr. N. Dey4430907.00
Studies in in vitro interaction between Arabidopsis Transcription factors TGA and WRKY leading to Salicylic acid mediated gene activation in Cestrum yellow leaf curling virus (CmYLCV) promoters DBT -Tata InnovationDr. N. Dey2700000.00
Studies on interaction of plant transcription factors in Full length transcript-promoter fragment of plant infecting Petunia Vein CleaningVirusSERBDr. N. Dey3697056.00
Global profiling and significance of alternative splicing events regulated by polypyrimidine track binding protein 2 (PTBP 2) in the advanced stages of chronic myeloid leukemiaDBTDr. S. Chakraborty37160000.00
Comparative analysis of acetylation and acetylation deficient mutant form Ecotropic Viral Integration site 1 haematopoietic cellsSERBDr. S. Chakraborty2590000.00
Dissecting co-repressor-centered gene regulatory network underlying dentritic cell immune responses controlling T helper cell differentiation DSTDr. Sunil K. Raghav3669500.00
Integrative genomics approach to identify the role of zinc finger transcription factors ZEB1 & ZEB2 in dendritic cells and its impact on T helper cell differentiationSERBDr. Sunil K. Raghav5732000.00
Integrative genomics approach to identify the role of co-regulators in dendritic cell immune responses and its impact on T helper cell differentiationDBTDr. Sunil K. Raghav5403200.00
Structural characterization of Influenza A virus matrix protein M1 interaction with host nucleosomesDBTDr. Dileep Vasudevan7318038.00
Structural basis of dengue virus capsid protein interaction with the human death domain-associated protein daxxCSIRDr. Dileep Vasudevan1500000.00
Host nucleosomes forming a docking station for Dengue virus capsid protein C- a structural analysisSERBDr. Dileep Vasudevan4703700.00
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel FtsZ inhibitors as potential anti tubercular agents.DBTDr. T.K Beuria4505000.00
Investigating the potential tumor suppressive activity of SARI (Suppressor of AP-1 regulated by interferon) in Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomasDBT - RGCBDr. Rupesh Dash2500000.00
Restoring cell death in chemoresistant oral squomous cell carcinomas (OSCC)SERBDr. Rupesh Dash4604000.00
Tumour Vascular targeting using small molecule inhibitorsDBT - RGCBDr. Rajeeb Swain2500000.00
Understanding the development and function of kidney using zebrafishSERBDr. Rajeeb Swain6669000.00
Functional role of MAGEA3- cancer- testis antigen in pancreatic cancerDBTDr. Shantibhusan Senapati4170000.00
Role of Mitochondrial dynamics in Dengue virus life cycle and disease pathogenesisDBT - Welcome TrustDr. Gulam H Syed29239100.00
Unravelling the molecular mechanism(s) underlying Hepatitis C virus morphogenesis and SecretionSERBDr. Gulam H Syed5209056.00
Understanding the role of IRGM-mediated innate immune responses in diseaseDBT - Welcome TrustDr. Santosh Chauhan35850408.00
Determine the mechanism and therapeutic potential of ZKSCAN3- mediated autophagySERBDr. Santosh Chauhan3697056.00
Malarial Parasite Biology: An avenue to discover new drug targets (Phase-II)DBTDr. Arun V. Nagaraj9091000.00
Development of Specific Inhibitor of Chikungunya VirusSERBDr. Soma Chattopadhyay2150200.00
Identification and characterization of differentially expressed host proteins for both S 27 and DRDE – 06 strains of Chikungunya virus in mouse model : Implications in understanding its epidemic potentialSERBDr. Soma Chattopadhyay3358000.00
Development of 1-[(2-methylbenzimidazol-1-yl) methyl]-2-oxo-indolin-3-ylidene] amino] thiourea ( MBZM-N-IBT) as specific inhibitor of Chikungunya virusDBTDr. Soma Chattopadhyay2489600.00
Study on Persistence of Japanese encephalitis in reservoir host, pig in JE endemic area of Odisha, Manipur and AssamDBT-IBSDDr. Soma Chattopadhyay3714400.00
ATX axis in Satallite Cells and Muscle RepairDBTDr. Vivek Rai4625000.00
Si-RNA conjugated drug loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles for lung cancer therapySERBDr. Fahima Dilnawaz2360000.00
Nanomedicinal triple therapy with gemcitabine, hedgehog inhibitor and immune-stimulant : A therapeutic boon for pancreatic cancerDSTDr. Chandana Mohanty3223000.00
Proteomic profiling of saliva and oral premalignant lesions by reverse-phase protein array to identify potential diagnostic biomarkersDBTDr. Neera Singh2610000.00
Investigating the role of a novel RING domain E-3-ubiquitin ligase, DZIP3 in regulation of cell cycle and cancer progressionDSTDr. Swati Chauhan3090000.00
Toll like receptor (TLR) Polymorphisms and function: A clinical and experimental study in dengue infectionSERBDr. A. Rajkumar Patro3000000.00
Characterization of novel duodenal ulcer promoting (dupA) protein of Helicobacter pyloriSERBDr. Jawed Alam3420000.00