Durg Vijai Singh, Ph.D.


Bachelor of Science: Banaras Hindu University (1982)

Master of Science: Banaras Hindu University (1985)

PhD: Banaras Hindu University (1991)


Dr. D.V. Singh in association with international collaborators has successfully shown the clonal relationships between clinical and environmental isolates of V. cholerae indicating aquatic environment serve as a reservoir and transmission of the disease cholera. His group is the first to report occurrence of SXT ICE, dfr18, sulII, strAB and aadA5 genes in environmental V. cholerae O1, and non-O1, and non-O139 strains isolated before 1992 from Varanasi, India, and that showed sequence homology with other bacterial species, suggesting acquisition of SXT ICEs and antibiotic resistance genes occurred from other bacteria. His observation showing loss of the complete and/or partial loss of phage array arranged in tandem lead to understanding of emergence and evolution of variant of V. cholerae strains. Dr. Singh has developed number of multiplex PCRs for rapid detection of virulence genes, serogroups, SXT and antibiotic resistance genes.  While working on staphylococcus, he developed multiplex PCR for rapid detection of antibiotic, cadmium/zinc and antiseptic resistance in PVL-positive and -negative S. aureus and CoNS. He found that multi-drug resistant S haemolyticus strains produced biofilm and matrix belongs mostly to eDNA and/or protein. Dr. Singh has 74 publications in international and national ISI Journals – many in collaboration with external scientists.



ASM Indo-US Visiting Research Professorship (2008)

GBF International Training Fellowship (2002)

Visiting Fellowship of UMSM, Baltimore, USA (1998)

UNESCO Short – Term Training Fellowship in Biotechnology (1998)

AMI Best poster award (1998)



Elected Fellow: Biotech Research Society (India) (2004)

Member: Peer Review committee Department of Biotechnology, IIT, Guwahati (2014)

Member: Institutional Animal  Ethics Committee, OBPI, Bhubaneswar (2005-contd.)

Member: Doctoral Committee, NISER, Bhubaneswar (2015-contd.)

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