QUAD Mini Symposium (BHUBANESWAR 2024)

THEME: HOST-MICROBE INTERACTIONS (Understanding the processes evolved by microbes to manipulate host for their survival and cross-talk)


Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) Bhubaneswar, in collaboration with The School of Biological Science, NISER, is organizing the Quarterly Union for Academic Discourse (QUAD) Bhubaneswar 2024. This event aims to unite faculty and researchers from both institutes, providing a shared platform to exchange research insights and engage in academic discussions that will foster collaborative research initiatives.

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Register for the 27th April 2024

Second QUAD mini symposium at ILS, Event timing - (10.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M.)

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Registration end date: 20/04/2024

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Upcoming Events

  • 10th August 2024 (NISER)
  • 9th November 2024 (ILS)

Contact QUAD Convener

Email: quad_ils2024@ils.res.in

Quarterly Union for Academic Discourse (QUAD) Bhubaneswar 2024

Organized by Institute of Life Sciences & School of Biological Sciences, NISER

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27th April 2024 @ ILS Auditorium


Arrival and Registration (09.30 AM to 10.00 PM) Arrival and Registration

Professor 1

10.00 AM to 10.35 AM

Dr. Arun Nagaraj, ILS, BBSR

Title: Just Not Enough: The Tiny Takes on The Mighty

Professor 2

10.35 AM to 11.10 AM

Dr. Mohd Saleem, NISER, BBSR

Title: Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence effector ESAT-6 polymerization induces host membrane vesiculation

Professor 3

11.10 AM to 11.25 AM

Mr. Subhasis Prusty (Dr. Sunil Raghav’s Laboratory, ILS)

Title: Understanding immune-metabolism kinetics during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Professor 4

11.25 AM to 11.40 AM

Ms. Supriya Samal (Dr. Asima Bhattacharyya’s Lab, NISER)

Title: Host response to Helicobacter pylori infection: insights into the role of extracellular vesicles.

Tea break/Group Photo (11.40 AM to 12.05 PM) Tea Break Icon

Professor 5

12.05 PM to 12.40 PM

Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay, ILS

Title: Understanding the role of host factors for efficient Chikungunya virus infection

Professor 6

12.40 PM to 1.15 PM

Dr. Rittik Deb, NISER

Title: Rapid, parallel evolution of reproductive isolation during dietary niche shifts - do microbes play a role?

Professor 7

1.15 PM to 1.30 PM

Ms. Deepti Parida (Dr. S. Senapati’s Laboratory, ILS)

Title: The impact of a novel probiotic formulation on lithogenic diet induced metabolic disorder and its driven pancreatic cancer

Professor 8

1.30 PM to 1.45 PM

Ms. Somlata Khamaru (Dr. S. Chattopadhyay’s lab, NISER)

Title: Analysis of experimental cell mediated immune responses and regulations during Chikungunya virus infection.

Lunch break (1:45 PM to 2:45 PM) Lunch Break Icon

General Group Discussion (2:45 PM to 3:00 pm) Poster Icon

Selected Flash talks (3:00 PM to 3:30 pm) Poster Icon

Poster Presentations/TEA (3.30 PM to 5.30 PM) Poster Icon