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Applications and Forms

S.No. Name of Form Download Link
01 Application for Advance Download
02 Application for Casual Leave Download
03 Declaration Form Download
04 Application Form for Duty Tour for PDF/SRF/JRF/PA/RA Download
05 Application Form for Duty Tour for Staff Download
06 Application for Grant of Earned Leave Download
07 Export Approval Form Download
08 Application for Festival Advance Download
09 GEM Indent cum Financial Approval Download
10 Application Form for Allotment of Scholar Accomodation at Campus II Download
11 Hostel Vacating Form Download
12 Form for Identity Card Download
13 Undertaking with respect to ILS IT Usage Policy and Internet Facility Requisition Form Download
14 ILS Medical Attendance Rules Download
15 Scholars' Home - Rules and Regulations Download
16 Approval of Importing Items Download
17 Indent For Consumables/Non-Consumables/Misc. Items Download
18 Purchase Indent Form Download
19 Instrument Repair Request Form Download
20 Leave Travel Concession Bill Download
21 Application Form for Grant of LTC Advance Download
22 Form of Application for Medical Claim Download
23 Networking and Internet Connection Complain Form Download
24 Over Time Bill Download
25 Performance Assessment Form (For Staff Scientists) Download
26 Peripheral Requisition Form Download
27 Application for Research Scholar Leave Download
28 Software Installation Requisition Form Download
29 Application for advance of T.A. on Tour Download
30 TA/DA Claim of Non-Officials Invited to Attend the Meeting/Committees in ILS Download
31 Tour Diary Download
32 Tour Particulars Download
33 Travelling Allownces Download
34 Reimbursement of Tution Fee Download
35 Requisition for Vehicle Download
36 Requisition for Working Lunch Arrangements Download

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