9th-15th December 2019, ILS Bhubaneswar

ILS is organizing a conference in cell biology and workshop in microscopy. This is an eight days comprehensive and intensive course, which has a unique combination of application talks, technical talks and hands-on-training in advanced microscopy. The application talks will cover the recent trends in cell biology by the faculties who are the experts in the cell biology field. The scientists from leading microscopy companies will deliver talks covering the current and upcoming microscopy technologies.

The hands-on-training part of this workshop involves five days of intensive training given by ILS scientists and industry experts to the 20-25 selected applicants. The training includes sample preparation, imaging, processing and analysis of the images obtained with wide-field and confocal microscopes. The course also offers special training on high-through-put microscopy (high content microscopy, Cellomics) for drug screening, which includes sample preparation, acquiring, and analysis of the data.


Patron and Chair
Dr. Ajay Parida

Dr. Santosh Chauhan

Dr. Gulam H Syed
Dr. Punit Prasad

Email - microscopyworkshop@ils.res.in









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