Gene Function and Regulation

Gene function and regulation group has a distinctive blend of faculties working in areas such as solid tumor-leukemia, plant science, developmental biology and extremophiles. Major research activities of these scientists concentrate on themes like understanding the biology of breast cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia, development of novel plant promoters, molecular biology of abiotic stress, vascular biology with reference to zebra fish and functional genomics of extremophiles towards gene prospecting.

Dr. S.C. Sabat

Molecular biology of abiotic stress

Dr. S.K. Mishra

Molecular Oncology

Dr. S.K. Das

Microbial Genomics, Gene Function and Regulation

Dr. N. Dey

Development of novel promoter with enhanced activity

Dr. S. Chakraborty

Molecular and biological characterization of oncogenes involved in leukemia and solid tumors

Dr. R.K. Swain

Vascular Biology

Dr. P. Prasad

Characterization of chromatin remodelers and epigenetic factors in blood cell development

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