Date: 19 May 2020
 Date: 16 May 2020

Record 1425 number of Covid-19 samples were tested at ILS.

 Date: 09 May 2020

ILS Bhubaneswar has achieved the milestone of testing more than 10000 COVID-19 samples. This has been achieved in less than 4 weeks. Congratulations to Dr Ajay Parida Director ILS and his team.

Date: 04 May 2020

Thank you Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Odisha for recognizing the contribution of Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar in difficult time of testing for COVID 19. Our team of scientists, students, and technical support staff have been working tirelessly since April 14, without a days break. They deserve a BIG THANK YOU for their dedication and commitment. Team ILS is grateful to State Health Department Principal Secretary Nikunja Dhal, NHM Director Ms. Salini Pandit, OSMD MD Ms. Yamini Sarangi and many others including ACS Shri P. K. Mohapatra for their help, support and encouragement. We also thank many well wishers for their confidence in Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar. Officials Dbt India and Dr. Renu Swarup has been a constant source of inspiration. Thank you all for your good wishes and confidence shown to TEAM ILS Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar

Date: 02 May 2020

Through dedicated efforts of Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar Scientists and students, we have been able to reach a satisfying figure of testing 5460 samples for COVID-19 during last 15 days. Our testing capacity starting from 44 reached to 696 on 30th April. We analysed samples from as many as 16 districts of Odisha provided by Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Odisha. We are grateful to support of district and state officials Nikunja Dhal (Principal Secretary, H&FW, Odisha); Ms. Salini Pandit, MD, NHM, Odisha; and to Dr. Renu Swarup, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, India for all support and encouragement.

Date : 28 April 2020
Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar started testing for COVID-19 on 14th April 2020. Since that day we have progressed significantly from analysis of 44 samples on first day to 501 samples on 26th April reaching a total number of nearly 3000. These samples were provided by the Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Odisha. Thankful to coepertaion of the Department officials and partcularly principal secretary Nikunja Dhal. The dedication and commitment of Sceintists, students and staff of ILS is truely commendable and we look forward to meeting the demands of this challanging tasks in the days ahead.
Date : 22 April 2020

Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar started testing for COVID-19 on 14 April 2020. After due standardization and optimization of the process and following strictest safety procedures and adequate compilation of information, we reached testing of 1000 samples today. These samples were provided by Health and Family Welfare Department of Govt. of Odisha and included samples collected from 9 districts of Odisha. Now on we will be scaling up our testing capacity. Many thanks to committed researchers of ILS Bhubaneswar, to the Health and Family Welfare Department of Govt. of Odisha for cooperation, to Principal Secretary Nikunja Dhal and to Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India for all support particularly to Dr. Renu Swarup, Secretary, DBT.  


Date : 20 April 2020

The screening for COVID 19 Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar is ongoing in full swing. Dedicated team effort of as many as 8 faculties and nearly 20 research students working in 3 shifts. Grateful for their commitment and sincere effort in challenging circumstances. We appreciate full cooperation of Health and Family welfare Dept of Govt. Of Odisha and special thanks to Principal Secretary Nikunja Dhal, NRHM director Shalini Pandit and other officials.


Date : 15 April 2020

Dbt-Ils Bhubaneswar started testing for COVID Testing after due approval of Dbt India and ICMR. Yesterday, using its newly commissioned BSL 3 laboratory we initiated testing with 55 samples provided by state government. ILS scientists Dr. Soma Chattopadhya, Dr. GulamSyed, Sunil Raghav, Dr. Punit Prasad, Dr. Rajib Swain, Dr. Tushar Behuria, Dr. Santi Senapti, Dr. Rupesh Dash are providing leadership to this effort. Our dedicated students Swati Madhulika Atimukta Jha Bharati Manju Singh Hiren Dodia Manashi Priyadarshini Omprakash Shrivas Kaushik Sen Sanchari Chatterjee Deepika Singh Eshna Laha @Ankita Datey, P. M. Vaishali, Avula Kiran Satyaranjan SAHOO are the force behind the initiative supported by Niyati Das and Mr. Shiva Pradhan.


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